Uvacure Inks For Dry Offset Printing

Manufactured for the fastest UV Dry Offset press speeds while maintaining excellent print definition and adhesion. Made at the highest strength for strong vibrant colour re-production. Press ready and 100% reactive. Formulated for exceptional printability, gloss, scuff and chemical resistance. Superior resistance to food and chemical products typically packaged in poly containers and lids molded from polyethylene (PE), polystyrene (PS), polypropylene (PP), and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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Dry Offset Print Blankets Including Plastoprint

PLASTOPRINT - Our Specialty

This blanket is constructed using a unique open cell polyurethane structure for true compressibility. Particularly useful on irregularly shaped containers, inner ribbed products and tubs with inconsistent wall thickness. It is a proven blanket for pail printers. White surface offers ease in set up, as most plate adjustments can be performed on the blanket.

PLAST055 - .055" / 1.4mm, PLAST075 - .077" / 1.9mm, PLAST125 - .125" / 3.2mm, PLAST140 - .140" / 3.5mm, PLAST153 - .153" / 3.9mm

Available in rolls, with or without laminated adhesive and cut to any size.

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Double Sided Adhesive Tape

Black rubber based double coated vinyl engineered to provide reliable secure adhesion to printing plates, blankets, and cylinders. Provides maximum durability in harsh printing conditions. Excellent initial repositionability for quick precise registration. Consistent thickness and caliper control. Available in .010" (25mm), .015" (38mm), & .020" (51mm) thickness. Recommended for higher temperature or long term press runs. Cut to size, up to 54" width and 25 yards (23M) in length.

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UV Curing Lamps

Manufactured as direct replacement lamps to meet the specific needs of original equipment manufacturers worldwide for the curing of inks and coatings. Medium pressure mercury-arc lamps producing high intensity ultraviolet light, manufactured from high-clarity, vitreous silica. Electrode components are made with the highest quality materials ensuring long and reliable lamp life. Guaranteed to produce a high level of curing efficiency for at least 1000 hours with correct handling.

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Solvent Flexographic Inks

Specially formulated solvent based ink system for treated (BOPP) polypropylene tapes that work on a wide variety of treated acrylic's, polyesters, and paper tapes. In most cases you can also reverse print these inks on the adhesive side. Ease of use, product consistency, and increased ink mileage as the key features of our ink.

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